Marian Murphy
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3 weeks ago, I was introduced to a lady who I was told was recruiting for the NHS and needed help with social media. I got very excited at the prospect of working with the NHS and thought, this is my big moment.  It was a big moment but not in the way I first envisaged.  This lady was caring for her brother and it turns out she was recruiting 5 carers to help her.  She had been given a budget from the NHS so she could find people herself.  I asked her what she had already done to advertise the positions.  She said she had advertised in the local job centre and the newspaper but with no success.  She had been told by someone to try social media.  I asked her if she had a Facebook profile.  She said she had set one up the week before but did not know how to use it.  I asked her for her local area and then I did a search for a Facebook Group for her location. I found a community Facebook group with over 15000 members.  I asked the lady to email me the job description and on the following morning which was a Saturday, I posted the job ad.  Within 3 seconds people were tagging people about the post and other people said they were interested. The lady contacted me that night to say she could not thank me enough, she had received 19 calls and was deciding on who she wanted to interview.  A week later, she emailed me to say she had interviewed 10 people and 5 of them would be meeting her brother the following week.  While I did not charge the lady for this, it brought me great joy that I could help her out and told her to contact me again if she needed help